Do You Know Jelly Roll’s & His Wife?


Jaison DeFord get married to Bunnie DeFord and living a happily married lavishing life

jelly roll's wife


Jason DeFord as Jelly Roll

Jason DeFord known expertly as Jelly Roll, is a 34 years of age American Rap artist who comes from Nashville, Tennessee. The rap artist has a rather big following on Instagram, currently with 683,000 fans. The rap artist struck stardom in 2013 and has been expanding in popularity ever since. The rap artist dealt with childhood years of misfortune but looked to music to recover his spirit. Keep reading to discover Jelly Rolls’ other half, household and his luxurious life.


jelly roll's wife and bunnie


Bunnie DeFord as Bunnie XO

Bunnie DeFord also known as Bunnie XO is the spouse of Jelly Roll’s Wife and is a version transformed Podcast host. At age of 26, before meeting with Jelly Roll Bunnie hosted a podcast called Dumb Blonde. Bunnie XO likewise has a substantial following on Instagram and also YouTube. The couple first went across paths in Las Vegas, while Jelly Roll was exploring there. The couple has actually now been wed for over 5 years.


Bunnie in Jelly’s music videos

Bunnie in Jelly’s music videos

Bunnie XO is a local of Nashville, native of Tennessee. She has been featured in Jelly Roll’s music videos and appeared in his live concerts & performances. The couple met for the first time on the visit of Jelly Roll to make ends meet. He admits that he is very grateful that his wife Bunnie accepted and welcomed him.


Bunnie in Jelly’s music videos

Bailee- Jelly’s and Bunny’s child

The couple have a beautiful child, called Bailee. Bailee is most definitely the spewing photo of her parents. In one of his Instagram posts Jelly Roll’s shared a wonderful picture of his daughter congratulating her on going into the 8th grade. Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO additionally have a kid with each other, by the name of Noah DeFord.

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO's Lavish Life

Jelly Roll’s and Bunnie XO’s Lavish Life

In March of this year, the Nashville couple purchased their initial beautiful house together. On the basis of social media messages it comes to know that Jelly rolls along with Bunnie made a plan together for their lavish life like- 5, 10 and 15 year plan. Buying a house for them was part of their 5 year plan. Bunnie XO likewise just recently published a video of a tricked out red Mercedes Wagon that she had customised. The couple is always enjoying themselves, and also based upon their social networks pages, they joke around a lot!

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