Why Does My Vagina Smell Like Onions, and What Can Be Done About It? 

Is this cause for concern? 

Why Does My Vagina Smell Like Onions, and What Can Be Done About It? 

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The fragrance of a solid vagina is nonexistent. Every woman has a distinctive scent all her own, and it might vary frequently. Your vagina shouldn’t smell like an onion, all things considered. 

Usually, a strange odour is not caused for concern. With a few lifestyle adjustments and anti-infection medications, potential causes including sweating, contamination, and physically transmitted illnesses may be swiftly and completely eliminated. 

Continue reading to learn more about the potential causes of your side effects, how to get relief, and when to visit your primary care doctor. 

  1. Food

As you can anticipate, eating a lot of onion or garlic will provide your urine and vaginal discharge regions of strength for an or garlic scent. 

Asparagus can also give your urine a strong flavour that can be mistaken for vaginal odour. Curry and foods with strong flavours can also cause vaginal discharge or perspiration that has a distinct fragrance. 

How you can help 

In the case that your eating habits are to blame, the stench should return to normal within the next 48 hours. Drink water to help your urine and perspiration wash out food sources and odours. 

If the odours persist after three days, schedule an appointment with your medical care provider. Your side effects can be caused by a basic problem. 


  1. Sweat 

When you’re heated, sweat is much more than just liquid escaping from your body. Sweat may come out of pretty much every pore in your body and is packed with of skin cells and tiny creatures. 

Even though perspiration helps to keep your body cool, it also stinks and canning. Your natural scent could alter as perspiration mixes with the substances in and around your vagina. If you sweat a lot, as you would in the summer or right after working out, the aroma may intensify. 

How you can help 

You are unable to stop sweating and have no desire to do so. Your body needs this capacity to function properly.

In any case, if you tend to sweat a lot, you may help prevent unpleasant odours by often changing your clothes and other apparel. 

Make sure to use natural fabrics with good breathability, like cotton. Try to avoid wearing workout gear or clothing often between washing. 

  1. Unhygienic cleanliness 

Your vagina is designed to take care of itself by maintaining a healthy assortment of tiny organisms. These little creatures aid in preventing infections and discomfort. 

You will experience fragrance troubles if you don’t wash or alternate your items every day. Unlucky hygiene of the labia might also cause difficulty. It’s possible for microscopic organisms to fill unevenly and cause vaginal contamination?

How you can help 

Regularly wash your labia and vaginal area with water and a mild cleaner. Washing gets rid of bacteria as well as dried perspiration and dead skin. 

Why Does My Vagina Smell Like Onions, and What Can Be Done About It? 

Additionally, you should: 

  • After your sweat session is over, change into your workout attire. 
  • For a long period after you leave the pool, try not to wear damp pool attire. 
  • Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight occasionally. Tight clothing restricts airflow around the vagina, which can grow bacteria. 
  • Wear cotton-based apparel instead of those made from polyester, silk, or other synthetic materials. Cotton helps prevent odour by wicking perspiration and moisture away from the cervix.