Top 5 foods to avoid post workout

You must remember about these foods to avoid after workout

Weekly exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle, but fueling up with the incorrect foods and drinks afterward might negate the exercise or workout’s benefits. Many of us are instructed that we should eat immediately after a workout, but the type of food we eat is just as important as the post workout meal timing. A protein shake isn’t always the ideal post-workout food option, contrary to common opinion. Once you’ve finished sweating in the gym, try to stay away from these potentially harmful food items that you may not be aware of. Here is the list of 6 such foods to avoid after a tremendous workout session.


  • Smoothie with Protein

Many pre-made protein powders are loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, fillers, and bulking agents, making them unsuitable for protein smoothies. Always read the nutrition labels and ingredient lists first to avoid these formulae if at all feasible. Energy bars are also about the same way; some are highly processed and have lengthy ingredient lists, and you should avoid them after workout session.

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  • Foods that are high in fibre

While kale and flax seeds are both healthy, they might make your post-workout experience unpleasant by causing bloating and cramps. Instead, save these items for days when you’re recovering – at least in substantial quantities. Consuming high fiber just after workout is not a good choice to go.

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