Top 5 foods to avoid post workout

  • Easy to digest Simple Carbs

A basic turkey or tuna sandwich on white bread may appear to be the healthiest supper, but complex carbs like whole wheat and multigrain bread are significantly better for you in the long run after a workout. Your metabolism will be slowed by all of that white bread so a big NO to simple carbs after fitness exercise.

low carb food avoid

  • Fried Foods

Excessive fatty and fried foods impede the supply of critical nutrients to your muscles, no matter how much you want to indulge yourself after the exercise. Fat slows down the digestive process in general, undoing all of your hard work. Of course, everyone should have a cheat day now and again, but it’s not a good idea to eat deep-fried items after working out on a frequent basis.

avoid fried food

  • Heavy Protein Meal

After working up a sweat, a grilled salmon is a great choice, but what about a roasted duck or a thick steak? Not at all. Hearty servings of rice and tuna, even if you’re bulking up, are more effective for your body to consume. Especially if you’re attempting for weight loss.

foods avoid heavy meals

  • Carbonated drinks

It’s natural to feel thirsty after a workout. Particularly on a hot day. However, while chugging that sweet and fizzy Cola or Sprite seems pleasant, it will bloat you and dehydrate you further, even if it feels refreshing at the time. If you want to drink something bubbly, try flavoured sparkling water.

Image Source: Unsplash