6 Unhealthy Drinks Lose Weight to live a healthy life

unhealthy drinks lose weight

The way your body functions and immune you against diseases is proportional to what you consume. How? If you drool at unhealthy and junk food, it will affect your metabolism and affect your immune system. If you have a poor immune system, you’ll be vulnerable to more diseases. Hence, it is always recommended to have a balanced diet and add those items to your food, which help you develop immunity and fight against acute and chronic diseases. Your eating habits are extensively linked to your weight. Eating a lot of processed food, snacking on sugar-rich items like cookies, chocolates can sweetened beverages can have an immense impact on your skin and weight. People tend to munch and consume rapidly-digested carbohydrates to quest their hunger, but this doesn’t satisfy their appetite, and later, they end up eating more. This eventually contributes to weight gain.

Are you consuming more calories than you should? Have your tried and tested every possible step to get rid of excess weight. Here’s a list of unhealthy drinks lose weight:

 Unhealthy Drinks Lose Weight
1. Apple Juice

Apple Juice? Eerie. Yes, for that matter, Juice is on our list of unhealthy drinks. Next time you find yourself compelled by the label “100% Real Juice,”. Don’t fall for it. The most concentrated sugar and calories are found in these juices, contributing to obesity and unnecessary weight gain. These are unhealthy drinks that lose weight. Sure, these juices are rich in calories and other nutrients but remember they are not directly sourced, rather processed and preserved in tetra packs or plastic bottles for long. The high sugar content in these Juices is equivalent to a can of Soda. That’s too much. Next time, your quest for a drink, get a water bottle instead of Apple Juice.


2. Smoothies

Yes, you have been tricked into thinking that bottled smoothies are healthy of the tagline, packaging, the list of natural ingredients such as natural fruits and vegetables listed on the label. Some smoothies have as much if not sugar as Soda. If you have noticed the ingredients which say “natural sugars.” Let’s look into what these are. The sugar is extracted from fructose, which is part of some fruits and vegetables. Even when it sounds healthy and even helps you get the beneficial fiber, which slows the impact of the sugar on your blood sugar, but once these fruits are processed, leaving you with simple sugars, which has the same caloric effect on your body as added sugars.



The very obvious on the list, Soda is an unhealthy drink that loses weight that drives more sugar and fat in your body, making it vulnerable to other diseases.

A 12-ounce of Soda, on average, is equal to 12 teaspoons of sugar and about 130 calories (More than a Chocolate Bar). If you drink a soda or more a day, you aren’t just prone to excessive weight but visceral abdominal fat, which affects your body’s shape. It is the most dangerous fat that surrounds your organs, blocking the flow of blood and leading to heart attacks, blood pressure, strokes, etc.

4. Alcholic Beverages

Too much beer in your body can turn your low-waistline into one that protrudes your pants. Belly fat? Heard right. When you drink alcohol, the liver turns it into acetate. Hence our bodies first try to burn acetate as fuel instead of glucose or fat. Drinking wine, alcohol, or any spirits can add extra bounds to your body and hamper your body’s ability to burn fat.

Drinking alcohol also disrupts the hormones that control hunger and even interfere with the quality of sleep. People consume unhealthy snacks like chips or other processed food like pizza; fries spurs more sugar in your body.

It is easy to overdo alcohol calories than that from beer. You consume 150 calories from a beer, and if you consume more in one sitting, you are overdoing the calories.


5. Milkshakes

Ice-cream-based milkshake topped with anything from chocolate nudges, a slice of birthday cake to Hershey’s kisses. These popular shakes available at ice cream parlors and sweets shops are clearing drooling, but they aren’t good to consume. A normal milkshake weighs in at 840 calories, 22 grams of fat, and 122 grams of sugar, making it one of the unhealthy drinks to lose weight.

6. Blended Coffee

What about sitting at a cafe and sipping a coffee? Sound’s great, right. But if your goal is to cut down some weight and concentrate on a more healthy lifestyle, I think it’s time to shift to a normal coffee without any added flavors and sweetness. The Coffee you sip at a regular cafe or coffee shop has a lot of caloric-ad ins to entice the taste and flavor, but we hardly realize the implication of our body and the calories we intake from a single cup.

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