6 common hairdresser mistakes conditioner to avoid

Do you hit a salon to get your hairs done? Who isn’t obsessed with long, smooth, and silky hair. Healthy hair can boost your confidence, but how much effort do you put into keeping your hair healthy? Hair’s are pretty delicate, and once damaged, it’s tough to repair them. Dyeing, heating, and processing can make your hair strands weak and result in heavy hair loss. People today follow a common trend where they skip shampoo and rely on conditioner to keep their hair healthy and beautiful. Undoubtedly conditioner results in smooth and silky hair, but you should make sure that your conditioning game is on point and avoid these hairdresser mistakes conditioner.


Common Hairdresser Mistakes Conditioner


1. Different Hair type

Everyone has a different hair type. The common mistake made by hairdressers while conditioning is that they don’t consider the hair’s texture, dryness, length, and damage level during use conditioner. If you have colored hair, you might need special treatment. Ask your stylist to use a hair conditioner based on your hair type. Avoid using products that might damage your hair, and lastly, they must read the guide manual carefully.


2. Applying conditioner in the wrong direction

The other hairdresser mistakes conditioner is that they start applying the conditioner at the top first, making the scalp and root oily. The general rule is to apply the conditioner from the bottom where the hair is driest and the most damaged and then gradually make a way to the top.