What are Round eyes shape personality traits?

round eyes shape personality

Your eyes say a lot about your personality. The size of your eyes clearly states how you view the world and how do you react to everything around you. Broad and large eyes are associated with openness, passion, and creativity. People with broad eyes are said to be empathetic use emotions over logic. On the other end, there are people with small eyes who are practical and make calculated decisions. Small eyes indicate that you are focused, and nothing could deter your focus. People with small eyes possess personality traits such as logical, intellectual, and determined. As they have a more practical approach and keep their emotional side, people tend to see them as cold-hearted. But it’s a mere conception; using logic over emotion doesn’t make you emotionless. People have a different set of eyes, and their eyes speak much about their personality. Some of us have round-shaped eyes, while others may have deep-set eyes, downward and upturned eyes. The shape of your eyes makes you romantic, creative, perfectionist, and intellectual. In this blog, we particularly talk about round eyes shape personality.

What are round eyes shape personality traits?

Those who have round eyes are more creative and imaginative; they tend to let their emotions rule. These emotions make them escape reality and make decisions based on their emotions. Their heightened emotions can make others see them as impractical and moody. People might misunderstand you if these emotions aren’t controlled. People with round eyes shape personality traits are compassionate and charming. They have a vibe to attract people, even if they look blunt and tactless. They live a more balanced life and stay calm even in most disruptive circumstances. Some people confuse their almond eyes with round shapes. These both are different eye types and display different personality traits.