How to get Green Tea Face treatment at home?

green tea face

Tea is the most consumed beverage after water across the world. About 78% of the tea consumed is black, while the remaining 20% is green. The oxidation of leaves determines the type of tea. Green tea is extracted from non-oxidized leaves and is the less processed teas. Therefore, green tea has a lot of medicinal benefits and has the most anti-oxidants. Most of us are aware of the health benefits of green tea, but few of us know how it helps our skin. You can use green tea face, add it to a cleanser to help you get rid of acne and scars. There are many products that have green tea as an ingredient and help make your skin look clean and bright. Using green tea toner, facemask, the cleanser will give brighter and cleaner skin.

Below listed are a few ways in which you can use green tea for your face :

1. Green tea toner

Heat the water on a high flame until you see bubbles rising from the bottom. Now remove the water and let it cool so that you can use it for the tea. Avoid boiling water at an extreme temperature, as it will take longer for tea to brew and cool down.

Take a coffee mug to brew green tea, so you have a perfect match for toner. Place the bug at the bottom of the mug and let the string hung at the side. If you prefer using a loose tea, take a 1-2 tablespoon of green tea into a strainer and then put it into the mug.

Take a piece of cloth or towel and slowly pour the hot water into the mug. Once the mug is full, move the teabag in the cup to distribute the green tea. You can see your water will immediately turn into muddy green.

Leave the string of the teabag on the cup and set the timer for the next 5-10 minutes; let the tea steep.  Once the timer goes off, remove the teabag and either discard it or save the tea leaves for another treatment.

When the green tea is completely absorbed, don’t directly use it on your face. Let it cool down. Set a timer for the next 15-20 minutes and leave the mug to cool. As the timer goes off, use the timer to check if the water has cooled down. Even if it is lukewarm, you can use it.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you can add a few drops of tea tree oil to the green tea. Gently stir the mixture to let the ingredients mix. You can find tea tree oil easily in any health care store or online. This step is an option; you can even skip it.

Take a spray bottle or airtight container and pour the green tea face toner from your mug into the container. Hold the container tight so you don’t spill it. If you have poured the toner into a spray bottle, spray it over your face. In case you have placed it in an airtight container, put a toner on your hand and use your fingers to rub it. Apply toner according to your skin type. Use this toner once or twice a day after washing your face.

2. Green tea face steam

Take a pot of water and heat it until you see bubbles rippling across the surface. Now remove the water and carefully pour it into a heatproof bowl. Grab the pot with a towel or piece of cloth and place it on the table.

Take a pair of scissors to rip off the teabag, or you can use your hands to tear the bag. Sprinkle the tea leaves over the water and let it steep. You will slowly notice the water turning green. It is best to give 1-2 minutes for the tea to steep in the water and get the best results. This will also cool the water so you don’t scald your skin. The green tea face will continue to steep as you steam.

Grab and bath towel and place it at the back of your head and shoulders. Lean towards the bowl, with your face steaming directly at the steam. The towel will help to absorb the steam to give you the best treatment for your skin.

Check that there’s no space and a towel is surrounding the bowl on all the sides; if it’s too hot, leave a little space for steam to release.

Hold your face over the bowl for the next 5-10 minutes. Relax as if you are enjoying a spa treatment. This helps your skin to penetrate and get rid of impurities. It’s always best to set a timer, so you know for how long you have been steaming your face.

Once you are done with steam, go to the sink and turn on the cold water. Splash cold water over your face to get rid of impurities that have got layered on your skin after the steam. Take a hand towel to gently blot your face dry. Repeat the green tea face steam once a week.