What are Round eyes shape personality traits?

How to check your round eyes?

For you to understand your personality traits, it is important to know your eye types. Here is a simple hack to check your round eyes.

Stare right in the mirror; if you notice a white around the top and bottom of your colored part, you have round eyes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a large white portion; even the smallest part of white around on the top and bottom of your iris makes you a person with round eyes shape personality traits.

If you don’t see any white are around your iris that most likely you have almond-shaped eyes.

Eyes reveal a lot about your character. They speak more than your facial expressions. Your eyes reflect your mind and give an impression of your thoughts and feelings. You can directly look into the eyes of the person and describe their personality traits. Not just the shape but size, color, slant, and the distance between your eyes also reveal a lot about your personality. Check whether your friends possess the same personality trends as described in the blog. If yes, let us know in the comments below.