Teenagers Set Out Bizarre Trend For Fuller Lips

teenagers bizarre trend fuller lips

A wave of teenagers to make their lips look bigger

Fuller and bigger lips add beauty to the face. But all of us are not blessed with natural-looking full lips. It makes us feel to want it, even more, when we have thin lips. We really get worried about how to make our lips look fuller. Should we use lip fillers or not? We found the idea of using fillers to be scary as it is carried out with risk. But for the people who get fed up with their thin lips, and are not considering the idea of fillers, there is now a better solution for them which is trending throughout the entire social media platforms. Wondering what is it? Just a tube of Glue! Teenagers are crazily trying this bizarre trend for fuller lips.



Teenagers are actively participating in the challenge of getting fuller lips with this bizarre trend, and it is rapidly taking its place on the internet. Although every time we come to know about some craziest trend of making lips looks bigger like- Vacuuming lips with glass and then applied a lot of wasabi to lips. Again, this bizarre trend of “Glued Lips” has emerged. How it is done? The willing person has to simply put some glue on the slightly upper part of their lips and after letting it dry for few seconds, he/she have to press the lips against it.

You may also have seen women in parties or in any social events or gatherings that their lips are visibly lifted, thanks to this wonderful and quick trick.