Surprisingly 4 Things That You Can Clean With Potato

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Amazing tips of using potato for cleaning purpose

While potato is quite well known in food for their taste and gel up property with veggies. Either it is baked, cooked, and fried alone or with any of the veggies, it just adds to the value of the platter. But potatoes are not only good at eating, but they work surprisingly very well when used for cleaning. Here are some smart tips to use potatoes for your cleaning job.


  • Remove Rust

Potatoes work amazingly to get rid of rust from any metal. You can clean your rusty knives, scissor, cooking pans, and other household tools with help of potatoes in no time. Actually, potatoes have oxalic acid in them which helps to break down the rust by converting insoluble components to soluble ones. Just cut the potato in half, take dish soap and baking soda on half of the potato. Rub it on the rusted area of the utensil/tool until it gets de-rusted. Rinse it well with clean water and dry it item.


  • Remove silver Tarnish

Planning to have boiled potato for lunch/dinner? Save its boiled water! This contains a lot of starch which can be used for removing strains from silverware. All you have to place the sliver material in this water at least for an hour. Now remove silver material and polished it when it gets dry. Polishing would help to remove the tarnish from the silver piece and makes it look shiny.