Why To Blow Dry Strawberries After Purchasing Them

blow-dry strawberries

Blow dry strawberries can work in your favor

Strawberries are bright red, sweet, and juicy fruit – so tempting to have in the first look. The sweet and fruity aroma of the fruit gives immense pleasure to the senses on eating or just smelling the fruit. Well, most desirable is the fruit, the most vulnerable it becomes just after plucking from the tree. It is even difficult to prevent fruit from spoilage as most of the time have to throw out half of these lovely blow-dry strawberries because they get decompose quickly.  Washing makes them more vulnerable, you’ll see just after an hour they get mushy and messy. But don’t worry we come up with a trick to save the life of your sweet and juicy fruit within just 30 seconds.


Before you invest your 30 seconds in strawberries we would love to tell you about the most amazing nutritional properties and benefits of eating this bright red fruit.


Nutritional Properties of Strawberries

Do you know? Fresh strawberries contain high water content and very little carbs content. It provides fewer calories approx. 32 in number. It means you need not think about the weight gain problem of enjoying delicious strawberries. It also has a glycemic index score of 40 which is low, which means that it would not spike the blood sugar level of your body, and even considered as safe for diabetic people as well. Strawberries are known to be a very good source of Vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and folate, which we require for staying healthy.