Benefits of Crushing a Cucumber

crushing a cucumber

Cucumber is a refreshing part of your salad, its watery nature is best for summers to keep dehydration away, it’s simplicity is so good that it can be taken as a snack with a pinch of salt sprinkled on it, but did you ever think that you could get even more benefits out of this already beneficial vegetable? It is advised to crush a cucumber before consuming it, we’ll tell you how to do it right and why to do it in the first place.

The reason to crush a cucumber is for better taste

As is the ritual in many households, the cucumber is simply washed with water and is diced into smaller pieces or circles, although it is said that the taste of the cucumber is better if it is crushed beforehand, to do that, take the flat side of your knife and press it on the cucumber, besides the fact that it will be better in taste, when you mix a crushed cucumber in a salad or anywhere else, it will pick up its flavors and will taste unique.

How to crush a cucumber?

It is advisable to first dice the whole cucumber into smaller pieces and then use the flat side of your knife to press them, you don’t have to press it and make it as flat as the knife blade itself, a gentle crush will do the job just fine.