Not Cleaning coffee makers properly will lead to breeding of bacteria, Research Shows

coffee bacteria machines

Most of us can’t start their day without a steaming cup of coffee, but let’s admit that most of us don’t spend the same amount of time and dedication in cleaning our coffee makers as we put in craving the coffee itself.

Cleaning the coffee machine

While keeping the counter clean with wiping and doing the dishes is a part of daily schedule, some of us forget to clean the machine we employ in the kitchen, like the blender, juicer, and of course our coffee maker, for those of us not so keen about keeping out coffee machines clean, an American news channel recently conducted a search which had some concerning finds related to our unclean coffee makers.

How was this test done?

An American Broadcaster CBS Chicago took the initiative of conducting this small scale experiment on ten families in a neighborhood where they took the cup devices in the coffee machines, which were then taken to a lab and were examine thoroughly, each part closely observed ranging from water tanks to ground coffee tray, several pathogens like staphylococci, streptococci, and ‘bacillus cereus were detected on these parts, but what actually is a cause of concern for everyone is the presence of E Coli

Altough this harmful E Coli was found only in one device and it was the most in the water tank, so if you clean your coffee machines regularly, then relax nothing to be worried about.