Why are people using hairdryers while baking a cake?

hairdryers while baking a cake

When you plan on baking a cake, you think of all the ingredients that you might require, the tools of the kitchen that you’ll be needing like a blender or an oven, but the thought of using a hairdryer when making your favorite cakes may have never crossed your mind, we’ll tell you how and when to use a hairdryer when you re baking a cake.

Hairdryers useful when baking a cake

At times when making a delicious cake, you may have noticed that the batter you’ve prepared has begun to curdle, they may occur due to a variety of reasons ranging from adding cold butter to the batter to the batter not being mixed well, this is where our hairdryer comes in for the rescue, if you let a wave of hot air on the batter by passing a hairdryer over it, it will stop the curdling by bringing the temperature of every ingredient on the same level. Even in your wildest dreams you couldn’t have guessed that an hairdryer could be used so well in the kitchen

How to clean the hairdryer if it gets dirty

So you’ve made the perfect by using your own hairdryer, but it has got a bit dirty in the process, nothing to worry about as we explain how to clean the hairdryer for a situation exactly like that, cleaning the outside part is not the hardest of jobs, but cleaning the grill can you get you to break a sweat.

Use an old toothbrush to clean most of the lose dirt and then employ a toothpick to your use to clean the dirt that sticks to the surface, then take a dry cloth and wipe the grills, and there you go, your grill is as clean as new.