How? keeping a slice of lemon next to the bed every night can do wonder

Benefits of Sleeping Next to A Cut Lemon

lemon next to bed

All of us know about lemon as fruit rich in vitamin C, made with acetic acid and sour in taste that makes its key ingredient for many foods and drinks like lemon pie, lemonade, lemon cocktails, etc. While lemon has a lot of health benefits on consuming it, as per aroma therapy it has been known to provide numerous benefits by just smelling it. As the scent of lemon goes inside us, our body experiences its homeopathic advantages. Here are given the most surprising benefits that you can reap by keeping a slice of lemon next to bed of yours.

  1. Manages Stress

Lemon is known to be a natural stress buster. It helps to produce Serotonin, the happy hormone in the body and reduces the anxiety level. It helps to regulate the mood and balances the depression. So, if you feel stress, and tired you can start inhaling lemon scent while sleeping at night.