Just try these 5 tips for beautiful & long eyelashes

5 tips for beautiful long lashes

Dream of Beautiful Long Lashes Can Come True

Not every woman is blessed with shiny, long, thick, and attractive lashes. But it does not mean that you cannot get them. What we are talking about not to buy false eyelashes from the market but to get the feathery eyelashes that you have dreamed about by simply following some nourishing and makeup hacks. If you are also looking forward to growing longer & shiny lashes, here are given 5 tips for beautiful long lashes that may work for you.

  1. Castor Oil Massage

Massaging helps to improve the blood circulation to the body part. Gently massaging eyelids with castor oil (Ricinoleic acid, the main components) can help you in relaxing, and in improving the eyelash’s thickness, and makes them look beautiful. To massage eyelids, first, wash your hands then take few droplets of castor oil on your fingertips. Now start running your fingertips or compress them along your eyelashes line in downwards motion.

  • Avoid Eye Rubbing

Rubbing your eyes when you feel itching due to sweating, or feel tired, makes you feel satisfying, but this can be proven pretty bad for your lashes. You must have observed that every time you have done eye rubbing you get one or two eyelashes in your hand. It is so because rubbing loses eyelashes from the roots and pick them out frequently.