7 Tricks to apply mascara perfectly like professional

7 tricks apply mascara perfectly

Become a PRO in applying mascara when in a hurry

Not every girl is a professional makeup artist. And when it comes to applying mascara, it is not that simple as it looks. How you put on mascara tells a lot about your experience of using it. And frankly, you made many silly mistakes unknowingly. Either you adopt the wrong technique to apply it or you are overusing it without even realizing it. Find here 7 amazing tips to apply mascara perfectly that can provide a fuller appearance to the eyelashes and improves your final eye look.

  1. Use an Eye Primer Before

Smudging of mascara while we are in haste is the one common thing that occurs with all of us. The solution is to apply primer before you put on the mascara. If you don’t want to ruin the look, just use an eyelid primer underneath your makeup.

  • Rotate the brush

This one is the most basic and neat trick to apply mascara. On applying mascara, you have to rotate the brush from tip to root. It gives a long look to the eyelashes and makes the eye look beautiful.

  • Halfway Down

Start applying mascara from halfway to the tip first. When the tip gets dry then apply mascara to the rest of the lashes by doing, so mascara doesn’t be left on the roots. It is best to keep the lashes light.