7 Tricks to apply mascara perfectly like professional

  • De-clump Lashes

If you are looking forward to the solution for de-clumping of lashes together, it is best to try a dry toothbrush. It might sound weird, but it is a very effective method to overcome unwanted spider eyes.

  • Dust Lashes with the shadow brush

This one would be very helpful for you. Dust your eyelashes with baby powder using a small shadow brush as this makes it easier for mascara to cling to lashes effectively giving the thicker appearance.

  • Spoon Trick to avoid over spillage

Use the spoon under your eye and apply mascara from root to tip. This would help you to avoid the over spillage and takes off the excess mascara as well. It’s a time-savior step.

  • Focus outer corner

To get lifting effect push your eyelashes in the outer corner/ sideways in spite of pushing upwards. Then, with help of tip of brush apply mascara on the outer corners from the roots of lashes.

Now you have learned about these 7 brilliant tricks to apply mascara perfectly. Get good mascara and start practicing these. Let your eyes do talking in the parties and events!