How to get rid of it blackheads? Put an egg on face

blackheads egg face

Rub egg on face to remove out blackheads

Blackheads might not be as visible as pimples. But they are really irritating as nothing works on them. You might have tried blackhead removal cleansers, straps, face wash, facials, etc. but nothing of them seems to work. Using them might remove out some of the blackheads, but most of these stubborn blackheads remain, at their place and cause pain while going for cleaning. In such a scenario, one thing can work- using an egg. If you are not aware of its uses read below different ways of using egg for removing blackhead.

  1. Egg White Mask

Break two eggs and separate the egg white part. Beat the egg white part using a spoon/fork till it converted into foam-like paste. Apply this paste on your face using a brush, and then place tissue paper pieces on the face. When the mask gets dry completely, peel it off carefully and wash your face with fresh water. Repeat this process 2 times a week to remove out blackheads.