Curly hair: How to Care for the Curls

Curly hair: How to Care for the Curls

Curly hair can be a wonderful asset but many of us take years to discover what kind of products, styles, and services work best for us. A little curly hair tends to be more curly than most, some curls are larger and softer, which require different techniques. In choosing the products and services for curly hair, keep in mind the guiding principle: if it works for you if you like, if your hair feels good, then keep doing it. If you are not satisfied, consider these tips.


There are certain shampoos and conditioners designed specifically for curly hair. These can be good options for you and are a good place to start if you have curly hair and you are not satisfied with your regular shampoo. Find shampoo designed for curly hair in a local salon. The Bumble and Bumble line of products offers good choices.

Intends to clarify your hair at least twice a month each. A clarifying shampoo will remove the accumulation of hair conditioner caused by other hair products, or hard water. You can find your own shampoo has not been working well for you. Eliminate the backlog and you begin to love your new shampoo.

After rinsing the hair, make sure been nice. Clarifying shampoo strips out all the previous conditions. Conditioner adds moisture back into your hair. Curly hair tends to dry hair and this moisture is essential.

You’ll find your hair clean and shiny after rinsing it. The curl will come back up and provide a pleasant farewell.

Curl defining cream

Before styling your hair, try a curl defining cream to help you give your curls a soft look, without being “crunchy” look that most people upset. Ask your local salon for curvature recommends the establishment of cream and give it a try. It may work well for you.

Dry or drain

Depedning in your hair and your circumstances, you may choose to dry your hair or you may let it dry by itself. If your hair tends to be “frizzy,” you do not want, you can dry at all, but certainly not to dry completely.

If it does dry your hair, use a hairdryer with a diffuser. A diffuser is a flat attachment for hair dryer that causes the hot air out over a larger service area. A Traditional snap the heat is concentrated in an area of two inches of your hair while a diffuser can expand the area for six or more inches, with fewer attacks against heat anywhere. A diffuser reduces the pressure in the dryer that blows the loop. In fact, a regular hair dryer is a tool people use to straighten hair, not to supplement their curls.

Cuts and color

In getting his hair cut curly, a little goes a long way. Be conservative to cut the length of your hair. If you ask your stylist to remove a lot of length, you may be surprised to learn that when the curl springs back up, your hair is much shorter than I expected. You should also consider the layers – which are often the response of the curvature jump back.

Of course, depending on the length and texture of hair, be careful with heavy layers around your face – you may end up with “dog ears” that take time to grow. This is a common mistake that designers are used to cut curly hair.

Even with the color, you will run into problems if the boss has not worked with curly hair (or if you are trying to color their hair). SMEs highlight the work and the definition of the curls, but if stresses are too thick, the hair will be lumpy. You will not be satisfied with their appearance.

Ask an Expert

There is no specific plan for curly hair – curly hair is presented with many variations. If you are frustrated with your own curly hair, find a stylist who specializes in curly hair, including one with curly hair herself. It will cut through much of trial and error and end with a system that works for you and your curly hair.