Strange but effective trick to Wash hair with cola

wash hair cola

Washing hair with cola can have great benefit


Do you dream of having head full of beautiful, silky and smooth hair? Reality is bit harsh and dream remains dream in case of hair appearance  . No worry if you have dull and rough hair, your hair has lost the natural shine and you are impatiently looking for a way to work out then you must keep reading this amazing trick of involving cola in your hair routine. Trust it you are not alone with this problem, lot of men and women have hair issues related to lack of hair volume and loss of hair shine. And what we all collectively do for our hair care are frequent head wash, dyeing, curling and straightening which are not the strange ways but also not the ways that can favor our hair growth and natural beauty. You would be amazed to know that there is a simple product that can make difference and moreover you are likely to have its bottle in your fridge most of the time. That’s Cola… Your favorite drink. Wash hair with cola and see a big difference by yourself. After experiencing its effect you might shift from drinking cola to use cola for hair wash.