Strange but effective trick to Wash hair with cola

Know about Cola

Did you know? Cola can be used for many useful things for cleaning purpose and can make a lot of difference. You can use it to clean your strains from clothing, clean a toilet, descale your kitchen kettle, remove smudges and streaks from your windows, and much more. Your popular beverage has lots of strong chemicals that it can clean ample of things. Nobody knows. One of the things that cola can do is to remove chewing gum from your kid’s hair.  Wash their hair with cola and for this what you have to do? Just fill a bowl with coke and put the hair strands with chewing gum stick to it. Let it sit for a while and you would see how easily it remove from the gum from hair pieces. Cola actually contains phosphoric acid that helps to neutralize the stickiness of the chewing gum. Now let’s know how wash hair with cola can make them healthier and improves its texture and appearance.


Wash your hair with cola

This trick might not work for all and we frankly can’t say how effective it would be in your case? But this trick of wash hair with cola is definitely worth a try if you have tried everything to make your hair looks shiny and voluminous. Cola helps to create a messy structure in a good way and that’s why causes your hair to be less limp.  Cola has high acidity level that causes hair scales to contract and close. That makes your hair looks shiny. Even the well know beauty blogger Ellko gave this trick a try and is very satisfied with the results. For this experiment or trick you only need two small bottle of coke and water to rinse hair afterwards. Give a try to this trick and see results by yourself.

Image Source: Bustle