Rub A Banana Peel On Your Arm And See These Amazing Results!

banana peel on arm

You must know about these amazing benefits of using a banana peel

Banana is most popular fruit and get eaten all over the world. They are tasty, healthy and full of essential vitamins and minerals like sodium, potassium etc. On eating it we get lot of energy and boost in mood. We usually throw its peel after eating this sweet fruit. From now on you can store and use it later on for different purposes. Here we going to tell you the most amazing benefits of rubbing banana peel on arm and using it in different ways to get various effects on your skin.

  • Wrinkles

Do you know? Banana peel has lot of antioxidants in it that can help you to fade away the wrinkles present on your arms and face. Rub banana peel on arm and face with the inside side of peel, keep it for half an hour and then wash your face and arms with tap running water. After some while you would notice that you would not have as many wrinkles as before.


  • Mosquito bites

Are you one of those who get bitten by mosquitoes most of the time? And it is so irritating afterwards as it causes lot of itchiness. Then this particular tip of using banana peel is for you and you only. All you need to rub banana peel on the mosquito bites and you would see that the itchiness would subside away.