Do You Start You Day With A Glass Of Warm Water & Banana?

glass warm water banana

This is why you should start your morning with a glass of warm water and a banana

Well there are two types of people- one are those who start their day with breakfast and one who don’t know what breakfast is? Which category do you belong? If you belong to first category then it’s a very good part of your lifestyle, you can add glass of warm water & banana as early breakfast and if you belongs to second category then you must try starting your day with glass of warm water & banana. Why? Because it has full of positive effects for your body.

Importance of Breakfast

First and foremost you need to understand the importance of having breakfast in the morning. Why it is necessary? Well we all know that it the first meal of the day that we consume after the entire night fasting. It not only replenish the nutrients requirement of the body but also fuel your body for the entire day. It means to perform better and function well throughout your day, it is crucial to intake breakfast every morning. Skipping breakfast or having coffee on the go is not at all a good option as it not only increase the nutrients deficiency in the body but also reduce your endurance.

Importance of Breakfast : glass warm water banana


Importance of Nutrients

Breakfast you eat in the morning starts your digestion process that helps to intake all the essential nutrients present in the breakfast to other parts of the body.  These nutrients help you to function well for entire day and concentrate effectively during working. Studies states that people who eat breakfast daily absorbs more nutrients like vitamins and minerals in the body as compared to those who don’t eat breakfast.

Now question come what a glass of warm water and a banana can do?

Importance of Nutrients : glass warm water banana

Glass of warm water & a banana

Starting your day with a glass of warm water and with a banana helps to stimulate the digestion process and speed up metabolism. That’s why it helps you to lose weight in little easier way. The combo of warm water with banana helps to digest the fiber part of banana easily. How? Warm water has the same temperature as that of our body so it is comfortable and good for body to have on empty stomach. That’s why it is said to have warm water in the morning as compare to cold water. Also, having banana as first thing in the morning blocks the absorption of carbs in the body, so it is the perfect fruit to be the part of your breakfast or your morning schedule.

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