Amazing DIY of using nail polish with warm water

diy nail polish water

You must know why you should pour nail paint into the bowl of water


Are you a person with creative zeal and look for doing creativity at your home? Would you like to try this new creative idea of using your nail paint to create a work of art? You would be amused to see the result it produces that looks like you have bought it from an expensive store. This amazing DIY of using nail polish with water can be used for


With the nail paint of your choice and hot water, you can beautify or decorate many of your home items like plain mugs, white crockery, etc.



We all love to have beautiful or colorful mugs in our homes. Re-decorating or beautifying the existing mugs of your home can be a lot cheaper than purchasing them from any lifestyle store. Also, you can buy plain mugs from the market at less prices and can beautify them by yourself. Even it’s a great idea to give them as a gift and it’s an extremely simple DIY that you can do and can enjoy as a fun project with your children or grandchildren. The best thing is that they look extremely beautiful, cheap on budget, and easy to decorate. What anyone could want? What all you require is few items that you would require during this DIY project-

  • Nail Polish/ Nail Paint (As per your color choice, can use 2 colors or multiples at a time)
  • White Ceramic Mug
  • Plastic Container (It should be deep enough to fit the mug)
  • Warm water
  • Grease proof paper
  • Skewer