Amazing DIY of using nail polish with warm water

The direction of doing the activity:

First, fill the plastic container with warm water. Now pour nail paint of your desired color on top of the water.  Use the skewer to stir it thoroughly until a fun pattern emerges on the top. You can create any fun pattern- try to be creative. Stir slowly and carefully. Don’t stir like crazy otherwise, all your fun patterns can turn to be a big mess. You would get the amazing effect when the colors you pour in the container don’t get mix but remains separated. Now carefully dip the ceramic mug bottom in this container of water and nail paint for some time and then remove it. Now your mug gets your desired pattern on its bottom, leave it at least for three hours to let it dry properly. When it is done, don’t put the mug after use in the dishwasher but always try to wash it by hand. This DIY with nail polish & water would be a perfect item to decorate your dining table, to gift it on birthday celebration, house warming presents, and even enjoying your favorite beverage at home.