This Is Why You Should Take Fennel Seeds Or Sauf Water

Fennel Seeds Or Saunf Water


Fennel seeds or sauf water can help you lose stubborn weight 

Fennel Seeds which are known as “Sauf” as well are sweet and warm in nature ingredient that is commonly found in our kitchen to enhance the taste of few recipes or to serve it as mouth-freshener. These small seeds are used can be used in salads, curries and deserts to enhance the flavour of dish. These refreshing fennel seeds are the powerhouse of variety of nutrients that supports overall health from digestion to detoxification. These dully green are full of essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C, manganese, potassium, calcium and fibre etc. Infused fennel seeds or sauf water consumption by soaking them in hot water for some time or leaving them overnight in cold water can provide ample of health benefits like sheading weight, help curing water retention, cleansing gut and much more. Let’s see how fennel seeds or sauf water support our overall health.  

Support Sound Sleep

A good sleep is key to good health. Fennel seed helps to stimulate production of Melatonin, a hormone released by pineal gland which is a responsible for sound sleep.


Boosts Metabolic rate: 

Metabolic rate is our body rate of utilizing energy after gaining energy so basically it is body’s cells utilize the power gained from the foods. Slow metabolic rate means less utilization of energy and more storage of energy as fat while fast metabolism is vice versa. By increasing metabolism, the calories calorie intake by us utilized quickly, which provides us power and helps us to burn stored fat. Fennel seeds instilled water assists kick-start metabolism, particularly when consumed first thing in the early morning.


Assists Suppress Appetite: 

The fennel seed water prevents appetite pains at strange hrs. Fennel seeds have dietary fiber that aids maintain your appetite pangs away. Moreover, they assist unwind stomach muscles that often tend to contract; thanks to their antispasmodic impact.


An All-natural Detoxifier: 

Fennel seed water produces an excellent method to purify your body from numerous contaminants as well as more kick-start your metabolic process together with comforting digestive problems. A perfectly operating metabolic rate as well as gastrointestinal system are key to weight reduction.


Helps Cleanse the Blood: 

Fennel seed water helps unload the residues of uric acid in the blood, and also even more break down the tummy acids to prevent the build-up of extra fat in the liver.

It is an excellent option to kick-start your day with drinking fennel seed or sauf water to stay healthy, active and balanced. As well as, if you are looking to lose those love handles or added extra pounds, adding fennel seed in your lifestyle and diet would certainly be your best decisions for wellness regime.