3 trusted ways to get rid of lower back fat

How to fall the stubborn lower back fat?

lower back fat

Nowadays we are dealing with different types of body fat like belly fat, thigs fat, arms fat, and back fat. Weight loss becomes the most important goal of people dealing with stubborn body fat. Among all fat, Lower back fat is the most annoying layer that clings to back muscles and gives a look of the hanging of fold skin above the waistline. To which people called “LOVE HANDLES”. Although you may have heard about this word ample of times you may not be aware that reducing this muffin top takes crucial steps towards your lifestyle. Here read about the 3 trusted and natural ways to eliminate lower back fat and get desired body.

  1. DIET

A proper diet is crucial for our body to get rid of love handles. First eliminate foods like sugar, salt, processed food, sweetened and carbonated drinks, and snacks made from carbs. Start eating fruits, salads, veggies, and foods rich in fiber. Fiber foods are difficult to digest makes our body works hard to do the process which supports burning fat. Try to eat small portions of food, it helps to keep metabolism at work, and these help in burning fat faster. Increase intake of Protein-rich foods helps to fill up the body with the required energy and boost the metabolism as well.


Doing Exercise on daily a basis is crucial to cut off the stored body fat. Lower back fat is not going to disappear on its own. You have to provide strength training to the body. Include weight training like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, deadlifts are effective for fat loss. Resistance training and aerobic exercise like running, swimming, etc. to reduce the lower back fat by increasing the burning of stored calories. Also, start doing 10 – 15 minutes of cardiovascular exercise, and high-intensity training to tackle your love handles. Lastly don’t forget to include lower back exercise.


Get plenty of sleep as sleep enhances the muscle’s recovery after a tough workout/ exercise. Sleep also helps to release certain hormones like Serotonin that makes you happy and Leptin which helps to inhibit hunger. It means skipping sleep or lack of sleep can make you eat more food that can be bad news if you are focusing on fat loss.