Please stop doing these five mistakes while cleaning tv

five mistakes cleaning tv

Are you often make these mistakes when cleaning your TV?

We don’t do cleaning of our TV on daily basis. TV demand cleaning once in a while and that is to remove out the gathered dust and dirt. You might think of it as a very simple job to do but you don’t know wiping this gathered dust with any damp cloth can cost you much than cleaning. Knowingly or unknowingly we make these common five mistakes when clean our TV.  It is better to avoid these mistakes from now on-

  1. Dry Wiping

All of us firstly do the dry-wiping to remove the dust. What do you use to complete this task? Standard dishcloth or microfiber cloth. Wiping with a standard dishcloth can make many scratches and can leave stripes on the screen of the TV. While microfiber cloth is specially designed to remove dust and dirt from screens, glass, camera lens, and cell phone. They clean the surface without leaving any scratch behind.

  • Using Liquid

We thought to clean the screen with a liquid cleaning agent but do you know it can cause serious damage to the screen of your LCD & LED display especially when these cleaning liquids are made up of acetone, alcohol, and ammonia-like components. In spite of using these liquids, it is better to use a dirt microfiber cloth. Maybe it would take time to remove those greasy fingerprints from the screen but would not damage the plasma screen of your TV.