Please stop doing these five mistakes while cleaning tv

  • Using Cleaning Spray

If you are in the bad habit of using cleaning spray to clean the screen of your TV it is better to leave it right now. spraying these cleaning liquids directly to the screen can cause dripping of liquid down into the TV which can cause damage to your entertainment media. This technique may be working at old times as earlier TV screens had a glass layer at the front which can withstand the harsh detergents liquid solutions. But for today’s time do not follow this old practice. 

  • Cleaning Remote

It is necessary to clean the remote as it is handled by many members of your home that can transmit lot of bacteria from here to there. Even it requires cleaning very frequently as compare to TV. First remove the batteries and then clean the remote using disinfectant wipes.  

  • Cleaning Speakers

Well, most TV has built-in speakers and these should also be cleaned along with the TV. But do not clean them with a wet cloth even use a duster or vacuum cleaner to remove out the gathered dust and dirt from speakers.