Best hacks to wash glasses using rice and vinegar to make them look brand new

washing glasses rice vinegar

When it comes to cleaning glasses and vessels with crannies and nooks, it becomes hard to reach those narrow ends. Many of us start to wonder whether we will be able to clean vases, kid’s sippers, decanters, and your gym sipper or water bottle ever or not. At this point we all reach out for the easiest yet not so workable solution, tossing a container to start using it again. How many of us care for those glass vases that turn cloudy or smudged due to flowers kept for too long? Hardly, a few! Most of us let flowers dry in vases without caring about the vase getting dirty. But you never think about the hardships that you need to face in cleaning the inside of that narrow glass vase.  

Flowers kept for long in vase leave scummy rings inside and adding to it, vases get cloudy owing to the pile-up of mineral deposits in the water. Washing glass vases may appear daunting as you end up making more smudges than fixing them. Luckily, our blog will walk you through super easy and workable tips that will make washing difficult to reach glass borderlines an effortless task. Before using our magical trick of washing glasses with rice and vinegar, here’s an expert tip for you all.

Expert Tip: Before starting the glass cleaning process, you must place glass vessel or vase inside a plastic tub to shun accidental cracks or breakages. Tips like these will certainly going to work for you and you would love to fold your sleeves up for those scary seem easy task.

Who better than Bartenders to keep the glass clean? They use such home-based easy tips of washing glasses with rice and vinegar in order to keep them neat and clean. If they can keep glass pristine clean, then we can also use these tips to make redo our glass vessels and vase clean.

Finally, you’ve arrived at the point where you will learn how this home based trick can make your glass vessels brand new that too in just three easy steps. In this blog, you will also learn about a couple of bonus tips that will enable you clean even the scruffy glass bottles in no time.

Here’s what all you’ll need to clean/wash glass: