Best hacks to wash glasses using rice and vinegar to make them look brand new

What to do:

Now is the time to pull your sleeves up and kick-starting the cleaning task. After placing the plastic tub in the sink, you need to pour the dish wash soap, a cup filled with uncooked rice, and 1 teaspoon of white vinegar into the glass and fill it up with water. Give a little good shake to the glass by covering the top of the vessel with your hand. Ensure that the speed of the shake is good by allowing the rice to scrub inside the vessel. Shake the glass as many times as you feel it necessary until the glass becomes clear. Rinse the glass well and let it dry.

Why it works:

Rice grains work as a natural scrub for the surface of the glass vase. These little particles rub dirty surfaces of the container without sticking anywhere. Also, the best part about rice grain scrub is that they are not abrasive. This simply means they are less likely to damage or scratch the glass. Remember, this technique works may vary as per your changing needs.

If you are performing stain removal and cleaning tasks for dummies, you are required to swirl uncooked rice in a bottle to clean port and brandy marks. Going by the home-based DIY cleaning technique; you just need to fill a grimy vessel with white vinegar and leave it overnight before swirling and adding the rice.

For everyday use, it has been found that the water, white vinegar, dish wash soap, and rice grains combination work exemplary. Rice being small particles go into tiny nooks but still are big enough to not get stuck anywhere. You can also keep the glass with vinegar inside and let it sit overnight before you go for the rice trick.

Hope; by now you’ve found out the best and easy way of washing or cleaning glass vessel using products easily available at home. Whether the vase is scummy, cloudy, or requires a quick wash or shine, washing glasses with rice and vinegar will easily make your glass vessel go crystal clear.

Let us know in the comment section below about your experience of cleaning glass with this extraordinary trick.