5 Amazing ways to use white vinegar for laundry

5 ways white vinegar laundry

White Vinegar is multifaceted as cleaning product for laundry, read about these 5 trick

Vinegar has been the part of kitchen from a long time mainly in the role of junior partner or buddy to dishes and salad dressing etc. But do you know it is quite effective in fixing many of your laundry problems. Here we are mentioning the 5 amazing tricks that you must know.

  1. Neutralizes Odors

An ingredient like Vinegar does not seem like the most preferred candidate for neutralizing smells. But it is said that adding this sour smelling liquid to your laundry wash cycle can remove out strong and nasty smells without leaving any acidic mark. Although vinegar can’t be said as complete cleaning solution but it can be very effective for difficult smells like cooking odor, smoke odor etc. Even it is scientifically proved to remove out various microbes. This white-vinegar can help us to get rid of the mushy smell that our laundry gets, when we forget to take them out of the washing machine and forget to spread them to dry. Adding vinegar to washing clothes can disappear the nasty smells of clothes.

  • Remove Strains

Vinegar can be used to remove out strains of fabric. You may have experienced many stubborn stains that don’t get vanished even after many washes. Such strains can be removed with the help of white vinegar, as mixing with soap and water allows water to carry strains away.