Are Dishwasher Tablets In The Bathtub The Answer To A Cleansing Nightmare?

Keeping dishwasher tablets in the bathtub can be the solution to your cleaning issues.

You all may have seen the video of a lady that scoured her clammy glass oven door with a dishwasher tablet. Well, it obtained to me considering the truthfully grotty soap scum and water marks on my glass shower wall surfaces. Cleaning them is a work to be considered as a time taken one due to the fact that shower sprays are so loaded with artificial chemicals as well as benefits only recognizes what, as well as when you spray them they raise your nose as well as go everywhere. Use of vinegar as well as lemon is a homemade concoction that’s a wonderful replacement for mostly all shop purchased cleansers – however it doesn’t really cut through the soap residue. Then the story about making use of a dishwasher tablet to cleanse the rusted stove plays a part, and also it seemed like it might work perfectly and would give some response. Let’s find out about the ninja technique of using a dishwasher tablet in the bathtub.


TECHNIQUE: While using these dishwasher tabs for cleaning just remember to put on handwear covers because of tabs abrasive property.  Use a finish power tab of the dishwasher, just dipped the tab in a dish of cold water. Why Cold water? due to the fact that the tab doesn’t dissolve too rapidly, or fall apart. Now use this solution to cleanse your rusted stove, bathtub and clammy glass. Making round movements, rub away the soap from the material. Don’t scrub too hard on glass material as it can make unwanted scratches. After rubbing, splash cold water on glass or clean it with tap running water to make it crystal clear.

dishwasher tablets in bathtub


RESULT: You would probably see a difference between the before and after scenario of your bathtub and glass as there would be no residue left behind. In terms of waste, there is a little unnecessary product packaging with the tablet as every single dishwasher tablet is independently wrapped, but because you wouldn’t utilize one really commonly that’s not too bad. 

The box of 27 conventional tablets costs near around $12.99 that means nearly around 48c for a tablet. A single dishwasher tablet can be used to cleanse the whole shower, along with 2 glass panels.

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