5 Foods You Must Not Have On Empty Stomach

foods not have on empty stomach

There are pair of things that better be avoided on an empty stomach.

Some of us rise early every day and have a wholesome nutritious breakfast before starting the day. While there are also those among us who sleep until it’s too late and then chug a cup of coffee as they rush to the shower. Unfortunately, most of us belongs to second group, which means we skip breakfast on a regular basis and go to work and don’t eat anything until we’ve arrived at the office. Of course, to each his own, but there are a few activities you should really avoid doing on an empty stomach because they can be harmful to your body and health. We’re willing to put money on that some of you already do a lot of these tasks on an empty stomach – we know we did! Here you would come to know about those 5 foods not having on empty stomach.


Some medications, such as pain relievers like paracetamol and ibuprofen, should not be used on an empty stomach. It will, first and foremost, diminish their effectiveness, but it may also cause gastrointestinal problems and even gastric bleeding. So, ensure it to have something before taking any medicines.


Every day, we’re guilty of this since the first thing we do when we get up of bed is turn on the coffee machine. However, it is preferable to have food in your stomach before drinking your much-needed first cup of coffee. Acid reflux can be caused by drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

coffee 5 Foods You Must Not Have On Empty Stomach


Chewing gum on an empty stomach may wreak on your digestive system. It’s even possible that it’ll cause gastritis. Furthermore, studies have indicated that those who chew chewing gum are more likely to reach for an unhealthy food than those who do not. Also chewing gum sent false signals to our digestive system of sending foods to stomach due to which our stomach starts its working for releasing gastric juices.


This isn’t something that happens to us very frequently but sleeping on an empty stomach isn’t a smart idea. You’ll have a harder time falling asleep, waking up earlier than normal, and you won’t be able to go into a deep slumber, putting you at danger of sleep deprivation. Your body will compensate for the lack of sleep by increasing your energy intake, causing you to want more food during the whole day.


When there isn’t anything lining your stomach’s bottom, the acids and fibers in a glass of fresh juice are difficult to process. If you consume juice on an empty stomach frequently, you might get gastritis. Do you really need a glass of fresh juice? It’s better to dilute it with water before taking.