If you are drinking Orange juice regularly, here’s why you should stop drinking orange juice immediately!

Stop drinking orange juice

Orange juice along with eggs and toast is the most popular breakfast that’s consumed worldwide. Advertised as a staple in a healthy diet, this citrus fruit drink makes for the best drink of choice in the US. Loaded with ample vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants, Orange juice offers plentiful health benefits that you can’t afford to miss. But have you ever thought that having daily dose of brightly colored health drink poses not so great consequences on your health? Yes, drinking orange juice everyday can degrade your health condition to an astonishing level.

Despite the fact the orange juice offers unprecedented body-boosting benefits, the refreshing citrus drink contains awfully high level of sugar content. As is finally found out by the American public, orange juice isn’t the healthy alternative to be consumed daily that 1950s Madmen-like advertisers forced us to think. Many health experts warn that consuming orange juice regularly could pose serious health issues on you. Orange juice may actually ruin your well being and is not a healthy addition to your diet. Here, in this blog, we will reveal some serious perils of consuming orange juice so that you can make rational decision for yourself.

The health risks of orange juice

Freshly made orange juice is rich in antioxidants like Carotenoids, nutrients like Flavonoids, and essential nutrients such as Vitamin C. But store-bought Orange juices don’t make the healthy choice as they are sweetened with sugar and severely affect the sugar levels of your body. You will end up with increased sugar levels and fat around your waistline. It has also been found that market bought tetra juice packs lead to a negative impact on your body joints. And, even worse, could lead to type 2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome. The director of National Center for Weight and wellness, Mr. Scott Kahan says that Orange juice isn’t a healthy food. Many leading dieticians worldwide have confirmed that the daily consumption of Orange juice could actually cause bad to your body than good.

Spike in Blood sugar levels and diabetes

Mr. Scott Kahan confirms that Orange juice contains almost the same number of sugar and calories as soda has. An 8 Oz glass of Coca-Cola contains 26 grams of sugar whereas 8Oz of orange juice carry 22 grams of sugar. Diabetic people should stay away from drinking an excessive amount of orange juice as sugary drinks are bound to spike blood sugar levels in your body. Also, it’s better to eliminate the risk of developing sugar as it leads to dangerous conditions such as heart and kidney failure.