If you are drinking Orange juice regularly, here’s why you should stop drinking orange juice immediately!

Weight gain 

Doctors and dieticians recommend eating the whole fruit instead of drinking juice regardless of your age. Fruits are rich in fibers that lower down the digestion process and make your tummy feel fuller.

Studies suggest drinking juices that don’t contain natural fiber derived from fruits are seen to cause obesity and, even worse, liver damage. When you drink juice which is of a pure liquid form, you tend to drink in more quantity without feeling full. This will eventually add sugar to your body rather than benefitting it. Mr. Scott Kahan suggests people should avoid adding sugary drinks like orange juice in their diet plans, especially if they find it difficult to manage their weight. He further supports his point by stating that when you consume extra calories from a drink, you are unlikely to eat less, while eating extra food can cause you to eat a smaller meal later.

According to the study of the New England Journal of Medicine, it has been found that people who drank fruit juice gained more weight than those who didn’t drink orange juice in 4 years. Juice being a sugar-sweetened beverage was the main culprit behind the weight gain.

Damage your Tooth enamel

Orange juice is a rich source of Vitamin C and aids in boosting your immunity.  However, excessive drinking of orange juice is also associated with tooth enamel decay. Packed with a high amount of sugar and calories, Orange juice works in the wrong way instead of helping your body fight off disease.

The Bottom Line

Excess of everything is bad. Just remember that moderation is the key. It’s always better to have orange as a fruit than to drink it by squeezing fibers out and raising calories as well as blood sugar levels in your body. Hope by the end of this blog, you won’t have orange juice regularly. Instead, eat an orange as fruit and see the magical transformation happening in your body! If you agree with us, do let us know in the comment section below and make others aware of this fruitful information too!