Do You Make These Mistakes While Cooking Rice?

mistakes cooking rice

Source: Unspalsh

Most of people are unaware of these 4 mistakes they do when cooking rice…

Rice is the staple food in many parts of world and the tastiest and easy to make dish for lunch and dinner. It is one of that important crop that feed most of the humans as compare to other crop. When it comes to cook rice then question come do have we been doing it correctly or not. Although we all are aware of this common mistake of cooking rice that is minute to present it on the table in between delicious dishes but apart from this there are still other common mistakes that we keep on doing while cooking rice. So here we would make you aware whether you are practicing cooking rice in right way or not.

  1. Not adding salt

I am sure you don’t use salt while cook rice. As we add salt with pasta while cooking same we have to do with rice. Why? Cooking rice with salt prevent it from being bland. You only have to add a pinch of salt per 180 g of uncooked rice. And you would see that this little salt would make a difference in cooking of rice and taste of your food.


  1. Stirring the rice

This mistake is usually done in most of the kitchen. You stir the rice in between that you must not do when rice are still cooking. Stirring activates the starch and that what makes your rice soggy. This is the reason why risotto requires so much of stirring while cooking, to make it creamier. Although risotto rice is exceptional case but keep remember the less we touch rice while cooking in the pot the less they become soggy.


  1. Cooking in wrong pot

This mistake made by many of you. Choice of utensil matters a lot. So always try to cook rice in heavy bottom pot. As a pot/utensil with heavy bottom divides heat in much better way and also retains heat for much longer and much better way. While utensil/pot with thin bottom would not divide the heat proportionally, which means the middle portion of the pot would become much hotter than the side portion of the pot. So it is necessary to make right choice of pot. If such utensil is not the part of your kitchen then it would be good to have one, you can use it for more than just cooking rice in it.


  1. Not washing properly

First the question strikes to us is that should we practice washing rice or not before cooking them? Earlier people always used to wash rice to clear out any type of tiny rocks present in them. That issue no longer exist now as we get cleaned rice in market with packaging. But you would observe that your rice water would make foam highly when you cook unwashed rice. And sometime it start coming out of your pot and spread on the countertop or burner of your kitchen, till you would deal with cleaning of countertop, rice would start clumping together. Why it happen? Rice contains starch which start to make form when you cook rice. If you want to prevent this clumping and foaming all you have to wash your rice properly before cooking to get rid of excess starch.