Dress to impress instead of surgery

Dress to impress instead of surgery

There’s a great saying that rings truth; when you look good you feel good. Knowing you look your best gives you confidence and a sense of pride. And with today’s media it’s easy to get caught up in the debate about cosmetic surgery and even tempt you to take part in the growing trend. However, if you utilize the fashion industry which has grown in huge leaps, then you can be at your best naturally.

First, take a deep breath, it’s honestly is easy to find a look that fits you with the plethora of styles out there. Not too long ago your options were boring plaids, pleated khakis, and dull colors. But now your choices are unlimited. Pair your style with a great pair of shoes, the right accessories, and makeup and you can paint the town, well, whatever color you want.

There are so many options that are available to you today and it’s right at your fingertips. Your main goal though is to stick to a few basics when choosing your outfits. First, you want to stay with what you truly like and can see yourself wearing. There’s no use in looking good if you hate it. Next, you want something that fits. An outfit too tight can show the slightest bulge and even cause you to appear trashy, yet if you choose something too loose it will hides your curves and steer you toward a boyish look. You want to choose clothing that flaunts your best assets and hides your worst. Second, stay away from stripes, especially thick horizontal stripes.

These stripes make you appear wider than you really are. If you like stripes and want to incorporate them into your look, try thin vertical ones. These can actually add the appearance of length and height, giving you a taller look. Third, try to stay away from boring. Mix and match your colors, you don’t have to be afraid to try something new. Just because black goes with everything doesn’t means you have to have it in all your combination. Colors are fun and give you oomph, play around with them. Once you have your perfect outfit that fits you well it is then on to shoes.

One of the many upsides to women s’ fashion are the shoes. . Let’s start off with the traditional sneaker. It use to be just a regular white basic shoe at your disposal. Something you only wore at home while cleaning or on the garden. Now though, the colors are elaborate, the material is breathable, and the style of the shoe itself is interesting.

These are great for errands and of course exercising, and even can work with a throw together jeans and t-shirt look. But if you have put all this effort into finding a stand out outfit then you should get the shoes to match. Your height is the first indicator of your shoe. If you are very tall, you want to stay away from heels. Now this may seem unfair to you, but there are plenty of cute shoes out there that are semi-flats. Basically meaning they are not completely flat to the floor.

There is a noticeable lift to these shoes giving you the look you want but not making you appear even taller than you are, which can be intimidating to some people. At the opposite end of this, if you are a petite woman then you actually want a good heel. A good heel can give you height can boost your confidence.

Once you have your heel determined it’s off to the style and color. You do want to stick to the colors in your outfit, but don’t be afraid to try something new. Just stick to the obvious basic; only wear open toe shoes in the warmer seasons, and in the cooler weather stay with a close toe heel to do the job. Once you have your shoes, you are at the final steps of hair and makeup.

Hair and makeup are a must when putting together your outfit. With both, you want to stay with your theme. If you have chosen a more toned down and natural look, then it’s best to keep it simple. Try a simple bun or a straight and sleek look with your hair. With this, you should keep your makeup simple too; some foundation, eyeliner, and soft blush will pull this look together nicely. Now if you choose to stand out a little and went to the other end, then again you should try to match this with your hair and makeup.

Try to add bold colors to accommodate your look, add colorful combinations to your eyes, use bright lipsticks, and add long lashes. The same thing goes for your hair, give yourself bounce and curls. If you don’t agree with curls, then try a french twist or another elaborate up-do. When you add these changes to your outfit and shoes, you can pull together the look you were going for. If you still feel you are not at your best, then you can look into cosmetic surgery as an option. But with the right clothes, shoes, and makeup you can be happy with what you have achieved and show it off!

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