Rice Water Shampoo Can Make Your Hair Stronger And Shinier

rice water shampoo


You need to try naturally made rice water shampoo to get Longer, Stronger, Thicker and Shinier Hair


Women in ancient times used to have longer and shiny hair. Even at that time women with hair length below the knee can be easily seen around. In the Chinese village of Huangluo, a woman has made the Guinness Book of Record for keeping 1.4 meter long hair. She has achieved the longest hair in the world record. Well having long hair is not enough, we demand shinier, thicker and stronger hair and the right solution to it is rice water shampoo. Rice water has amazing properties to nourish your scalp that results in longer hair. It is one of those product commonly found at our home all the time.


How rice water is effective for hair?

As it was found the secret of beautiful and long hair is rice water. Many scientists and beauty experts being fascinated by the rice water started to find out the how rice water can beautify hair and can lead to stronger and longer hair. It was found that an ingredient called inositol is present in the rice water. Inositol has ability to get penetrates into damage skin of the scalp and repairs the scalp from inside out. Even it creates a protective layer to protect any further damage to hair.


How to use rice water?

The amazing thing about preparing rice water is that it is very easy to make this beauty product. All you require is water and rice. Take a cup of rice and washed under running tap water. Don’t wash it for too long to lose nutrition and not too short to leave behind the dust and dirt. Now keep these washed rice in a bowl and add clean water to it. Keep it for an hour to soak properly. Now strain out this rice water separately in a bowl to make rice water shampoo. All you need to add 4-5 soap nuts to this strained rice water and leave it for 3-4 hours so that the soap gets dissolved properly and you can get the soapy mixture to be used as a shampoo for your next shower to wash hair. While making it is so easy the hard part comes to keep remember using it while going for shower.


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