10 common Signs you’re pregnant that you might know

signs you are pregnant

You must not avoid these early signs of pregnancy that you might have experiencing


For some women, having a child is like a dream come true, while for others, it can be a nightmare situation. While a pregnancy test or a visit to your doctor are the only ways to tell for sure if you are in the early stages of pregnancy, there are several signs that can help you recognize that it is a possibility that you are pregnant. Here’s what you should be looking as those signs you are pregnant.


  1. You’ve missed your period

Of fact, for many women, this is the first and most visible indicator that they are pregnant. Of course, if you’re eating habits are bad or if you’re under a lot of stress, this could be the case of missing period, but it’s still a possible sign that you are pregnant.


  1. Cramps or spotting

Even if you’re bleeding, it’s possible that you’re pregnant and it’s not your period. When a fertilized egg attach to the uterine wall, it causes these symptoms of cramping and bleeding. This is called as implantation bleeding in medical terms, and it can remain up to a week followed by fertilization. Some women mistakenly believe that the pains they are experiencing are merely menstruation cramps.

signs you are pregnant - Cramps or spotting

  1. Frequently urinating.

Even though urination is a frequent symptom around the 6th or 8th week of pregnancy, it’s crucial to remember that it could also be caused by a urinary tract infection or diabetes.


  1. Weird cravings

Do you want to know what pickle juice and ice cream taste like? If you’re having a yearning you’ve never had before, it could be an indication that you’re expecting a baby. It’s the same if you used to be able to tolerate certain foods but now can’t.


  1. Soreness around breasts

You may experience soreness, tingling and swelling due to change in hormone levels for a few weeks after getting pregnant. They may also become fuller or more delicate to the touch, and the areola (the black region surrounding the nipple) may darken.

signs you are pregnant - Soreness around breasts

  1. Nausea

The nausea that is typically associated with pregnancy is on the opposite extreme of the possibility of being a pregnant mom. Hormones are a big culprit, and they feel especially bad in the morning. While not every woman bearing a child feels this but it is a common occurrence during pregnancy.

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  1. Constipation

When you’re pregnant, your progesterone levels rise, which can cause constipation. Consume high-fiber foods, drink plenty of water, and doing exercise regularly to speed up the passage of food through your intestines can help you deal the situation.


  1. Back discomfort and headaches

Although there are a variety of causes for this sensation, many pregnant women experience minor headaches, while some experience backaches.


  1. Clogging in nasal

Due to seasonal changes, you may experience stuffiness in nose. It happens due to increase in blood production and rising level of hormone. All these factors can cause your nose to stuff, runny, dry out, swell and bleed readily. All these symptoms might experience by many women during early pregnancy.

signs you are pregnant - Clogging in nasal

  1. Feeling Moody

It’s normal to feel teary and emotional throughout the first trimester of pregnancy – and for the next 9 months. It’s also fairly uncommon to have mood swings, when you’re jumping around with excitement one minute and enraged the next at whoever happens to be by your side.


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