This is why putting potatoes in your shoes is a good idea.

potatoes in shoes

You’ll be considerably more comfy if you put a potatoes in shoes!

It’s such a letdown when you buy new shoes only to discover when you reach home that they’re a size too small. You thought they were OK in the store, but after you started wearing them, your toes and heels began to grumble. No way! So, what’s next? It’s a waste to merely throw those nice shoes away, but it’s also not a good idea to be in discomfort while wearing them. Fortunately, we have a solution. A potato in shoes can be used to extend your shoes.


Regrettably, this occurs frequently. When you put on the shoes in the store it gets fit you perfectly, but when you get those pair of shoes at home and starts wearing them, they starts pinching you quite a bit. Even though the sales clerk assured you that they will stretch a little with time, you will be in discomfort in the interim, which is not what you desire. So, what are your options? You can go to a shoemaker to have your shoes stretched, or you can just ignore the pain and cope with it. Those appear to be the possibilities, don’t they? You could also just get two potatoes out of the fridge!


A mix of stuffing and moisture is required to stretch a shoe. Some individuals put damp newspapers in their shoes, but this isn’t always successful. Of course, a potato is much firmer, and it will never dent in a shoe that is too tight. Furthermore, many folks will already have a bag of potatoes. Why not make use of them for this?

This is how you do it

Take two potatoes that are just big enough to fit into your shoe. This amazing technique to putting potato in shoe actually stretches the front part of your shoe to create extra space for your toes. Before putting in shoe wrap each of the potato in a piece of newspaper or paper towel after peeling it. Place the potatoes in the shoes and leave them that way for the night. These potatoes will dry out and would stretch your pair of shoes overnight. Potatoes can absorb bad odours from your shoes in addition to stretching them. This technique is very effective with leather shoes. In case your shoes are made of fabric material, this task would become a little more challenging. The fragrance and moisture from the potato may be absorbed into the fabric of your fabric shoes, which isn’t what you want.