How To Cut A Kiwi: Easy & Quick Trick

how to cut a kiwi

You can easily cut a kiwi with this simple trick without making your hand dirty.

You must enjoy kiwi fruit but what you have to deal with are hands getting dirty while cutting it. The lush green fruit with small black seed is loaded with vitamins C, vitamin B, calcium and other essential nutrients. The worst part is that we cannot eat it with peel, and we hate cutting them and extracting the main fruit. We always have to struggle a lot when it comes to taking off the peel. Sometimes we mess it up by wasting more fleshy parts of the fruit with skin, and sometimes the fruit extracted is so messy that it makes our hands wet as well as sticky. Don’t worry. After knowing about this amazing trick, your thoughts would be changed about how to cut kiwi without getting fussy as it would make your task easier and quicker. 

This simple method takes simple seconds to get your job done.

Amazing Fruit- Kiwi

You would be amazed to know about this interesting fact about the name behind the fruit. This green delicious pulpy fruit is named after the kiwi bird found in New Zealand. Why is it so? In actual the hairy fruit looks a bit like the round tummy of a bird kiwi. Kiwis are extremely healthy and balanced as well as low in calories. They have vitamin C, B, as well as E. Vitamin C particularly does wonders for our health as it might prevent colds. There is another interesting fact related to the nutrition world about kiwis. Kiwi fruit has more amount of vitamin C as compared to an orange or as compared to 3 lemons. In addition, kiwis consist of a great deal of fibre which is great for your food digestion. Kiwis are the only fruit in which an enzyme called actinidine is found. This enzyme assists the body to absorb healthy protein quicker.

The trick- Hand mixer

The technique that we are going to tell you here about is extremely simple and quick. It is as simple that you might think, why didn’t you tried it earlier? Well, most of us own a hand mixer at our home. Have you ever tried using a hand mixer to cut kiwi? Not yet, then you must give it a try. A hand mixer can help you to reduce kiwi in pieces. The thing that you have to do is to cut the kiwi in between to fragment it into two pieces using a knife or blade. Once the kiwi is turned into two pieces, get hold of the wish from the mixer and stab it in the kiwi portion. Now turned it at an angle of 45 degrees to extract out the kiwi into four equal pieces. This is the best way to cut kiwi as the pieces obtained are of an ideal dimension that serves well for fruit salad, or to is added along with a snack.