How? keeping a slice of lemon next to the bed every night can do wonder

2- Improves Air Quality
Many studies show that the powerful scent of Lemon improves the air quality. It’s detoxifying property and anti-bacterial property helps to clean air in the room. When this air is inhaled during sleeping, it improves breathing, opens up the passage of nostrils, and clears chest congestion. It is a good practice for people suffering from sinus and asthma, they should start putting lemon next to the bed while sleeping.

3– Pain Reliever

Inhaling lemon scent during sleeping helps to relieve headaches. According to a study conducted in aromatherapy on women, those who inhaled lemon essential oils felt less pain, fear, and anxiety as compared to those who didn’t inhale the lemon scent. It is concluded that inhaling lemon scent helps to relieve pain.

4- Repeal Insects
As summers come nearby mosquitoes and other insects start attacking us. Studies show that insects do not like the smell of lemon and citrus foods. That’s why lemon is found in many of the naturally made herbicides. By rubbing the lemon peel the skin or placing a cut lemon next to the bed can protect you against mosquitoes, and other insects.

5- Manages Blood Pressure

Lemon balm has been proven to regulate blood circulation in the body and manages blood pressure. By keeping lemon next to you while sleeping helps you to inhale the natural aroma which further helps in regulating blood circulation.

Overall, the idea is that simply putting a slice of lemon next to bed helps you to get its ample benefits at night as well. Lemon helps to safeguard against many diseases by regularly consuming it. When we start keeping lemon by our side at nighttime, it starts doing double duty, strengthening our immune system from inside and providing natural aromatherapy.