Why Soak Strawberries In Vinegar?

strawberries vinegar

Prior to using strawberries, soak them in vinegar. It sounds unusual, yet it’s much better for the strawberries!

Strawberries, the red small fruit, are so tasty and un-expensive as well. Because we enjoy this tiny, red fruit a lot, we often purchase more than one box when they get on sale. Sadly, it has happened to us greater than when a couple of strawberries in a package go bad, influencing the remainder of the set too. That will certainly be a distant memory with this method! Throwing food away is wastage. So all of us tried to apply some tricks and techniques. Here we are going to share a trick to keep strawberries fresh for a long time.

Strawberries taste very well when are eaten fresh after purchasing.  But these red, juicy strawberries only stay fresh when just consumed the same day. After being refrigerated for one night long, these berries start changing and even these berries start developing mould. Generally strawberries stay fresh only for few days that can be even from 3-4 days.  To prevent the strawberries from spoilage and getting mould it is crucial to keep them in clean and large plate. 

Vinegar is highly citric in nature and used to enhance the life expectancy of fruits and vegetables like in pickles and salads. Soaking strawberries in a bowl of vinegar before keeping them in the refrigerator ensures the freshness for a longer time period. By doing so it was observed that the fruit remains fresh not only for days but for weeks as well after buying. Small strawberries are much sweeter in taste as compared to the bigger strawberries. Why? Big strawberries may appear tastier and juicier but they have plenty of water in it. 

Here, we would let you know about this amazing trick. It’s really simple as well as you’ll just require a couple of things, the majority of which you currently have in your cooking area cupboard. Make certain you utilize white vinegar! What you need for this is White vinegar; water; a huge dish; paper towels and colander.

This is how it functions:

  1. Take the bowl and fill it with half a glass of white vinegar and one glass of water.
  2. Add the strawberries to the mix of water and vinegar, leave them for some time. 
  3. The vinegar will certainly ensure any mould spores and also micro-organisms will certainly vanish from the strawberry. 
  4. These mould spores are what creates the strawberries to become soft and mushy rapidly. 
  5. The water will change colour quite swiftly as a result of these mould spores coming loose.
  6. At the end of a bowl-shaped sieve, place a paper towel. 
  7. Take the strawberries out of the bowl and place them in the bowl-shaped sieve. Leave them to dry completely.
  8. Keep a tidy paper towel in your refrigerator and after that place the strawberries on it.


They will certainly continue to be fresh for a lot longer! As well as do not worry, they won’t taste sour because of the vinegar after utilizing this method. They’ll still taste the same.