Surprisingly 4 Things That You Can Clean With Potato

  • De-fog Glasses

Wearing a face mask along with eyeglasses is really struggling, you also might have experienced the fogging up of glasses at such a scenario. Now you need not be worried about the fogging glasses, you just have to rub the inside area of your lenses with the slice of raw potato. By doing this, your lenses would not be fogged up as the starch of the potato reduces the build-up of fog.


  • Minor strains

Potato might not be working for removing big stains like red wine strain, Ink stains from clothes. But it gets the job done for small strains like mud strain and grease strain. To remove mud strain, you have to rub the potato slice on the strain, and then soak the cloth in cold water for 15 minutes. To remove grease from the cloth, take half piece of a potato, and then dab it against the grease stain. Repeat the same procedure till strain marks get vanished.


That does not mean that you should store a sack of potato in your kitchen for cleaning purposes. Just remember that your difficult cleaning job can be done by your kitchen companion within minutes. Save time and get work done with potato.

Image Source: Unsplash