6 common hairdresser mistakes conditioner to avoid


3. Uneven distribution of conditioner

Some of us hardly get time to visit a salon and ask the hairdresser to spend hours on our hair. We want it to be quick. When we are in a rush, the hairdresser might slab a conditioner in one portion and rinse. But some hair types don’t absorb the conditioner, and it’s tough to work conditioner through the hair with the help of a finger. Hence, a hairdresser must use a wide-tooth comb that helps spread the conditioner evenly and moisturize every strand of your hair.


4. Not rinsing it properly

A common hairdresser mistakes conditioner is not rinsing it properly. It is important to wash your hair properly once you are done applying a shampoo or hair conditioner. If you neglect it, it might dull the shine of hairs, and the chances are that it might clog hair follicles, creating buildup along the scalp. Hence, spend some extra minutes to make sure that the conditioner is rinsed out, especially if you have thick and wavy hair.


5. Rinsing immediately

It’s not that you are always in a rush sometimes the hairdresser has many other customers to attend. Remember, conditioner is like a moisturizer; it needs a few minutes to absorb and work its magic. Don’t rinse it off immediately. Give it 5-10 minutes. You can then choose other services such as waxing, coating, manicure, and pedicure, etc., to spend your time. At last, rinse it off to see the effect.

6.Using a wrong product

It is important to apply a conditioner to use the right product for your hairs. Since we all have got different hair types and some ingredients may not go well with our hair and instead of repairing them, it might make them worse. Therefore get a recommendation from your stylist and ask the hairdresser to use the same product.

Take a small amount of conditioner into the palm of your hand. Rub your hands and apply the conditioner over your hairs. Start it from the bottom and move towards the top. Don’t rub the conditioner in your scalp or hair near your scalp. Leave it for 2-3 to absorb in your hair and rinse. If you have thick hairs, use a wide comb to spread the conditioner during the bath before rinsing. If you find hair fall after using a conditioner, check whether you are using the right conditioner according to your hair type. Also, ensure that you wash it properly and avoid using it directly on your scalp.



Many people think they don’t need a conditioner. Give it a thought. Using the right product for your hair can help to keep your hair soft and smooth and look stylish. Everyone’s hair is damaged to an extent, and this damage varies for each one of us. Finding the right conditioner may be a challenging task, but there’s no looking back once you do that. Next time when you step out to meet your stylist, ask them to recommend you a suitable conditioner based on hair type and avoid these hairdresser mistakes conditioner to see the real effect.

Image Source : Unsplash