Guess what this Taiwanese model’s age is?

Perpetual and stunning youth of Taiwanese models that mesmerize everybody.


LURE HSU, Taiwanese model and designer seemed to possess what so many people all over the world desire: perpetual youth. Trying to slow down the ageing process is becoming more widespread in today’s society. Whether it’s through botox injections, consuming a variety of vitamins and supplements, going to the gym, or participating in the next weird beauty craze… Many people wish they could stop time and live forever. Unfortunately, this is not a realistic goal for the majority of individuals. There is no way to stop time, and your face will get wrinkled sooner or later. This Taiwanese fashion designer is an exception. Around 95% of people are incorrect in their estimations of her age.


Lure Hsu



Meet Lure Hsu, a Taiwanese model who has gone viral for her youthful (and stunning) appearance. You won’t believe us when we say she’s not 18, 19, or 20 years old. She has a secret to keeping a youthful appearance, and we can’t wait to hear it. How old would you guess she is based on her picture?


Lure Hsu



I mean, she can’t be more than 30 years old, right? She’s in her twenties, at the very least. We don’t blame you for believing so, but you’re entirely incorrect. She may appear to be no more than 21, but she’s deceiving us all. Lure Hsu is thought to be between the ages of 20 and 25, according to 90% of individuals. Are you one of the 10% of people who correctly predicted a number outside of this range? Or are you one of the few who correctly identified her age?



Since her viral video, Lure has amassed a sizable online following. Because of her youthful appearance, the Taiwanese interior designer and model has become somewhat of a celebrity. Her fans are often asking her for her secret. Fortunately for them, she has no qualms about sharing it! On the next page, we’ll reveal her secret.


Taiwanese model’s age lure hsu



Lure’s endless youth has a simple explanation. She advises eating a balanced diet rich in veggies and drinking plenty of water. Lure also advised her fans to use moisturizer to their skin on a daily basis. ‘You don’t even need to worry about ageing and wrinkles once your skin has enough water,’ she explains.

This isn’t the only piece of wisdom she has. She also recommends drinking a cup of black coffee every morning, avoiding sugary drinks, and eating less fried meals in favor of more fruit. And that’s not all! She also encourages exercise to reduce wrinkles. She also recommends eating less meat and more high fibre, high protein foods to slow down the ageing process.

She appears to be very disciplined! It’s no surprise that she appears so young for her age.

Lure, as you can see, appears to be in her twenties. But no, she’s in her late thirties. Do you want to change your guess now that you have this information? What are your thoughts, 33? Maybe 35 years old? Even that would be insane, wouldn’t it? We’ll give you a few seconds more. Isn’t it incredible that she’s 44 years old? When we first heard it, we couldn’t believe it, but we can promise you that it’s true. It’s no surprise that she’s become so popular on social media, where appearances are everything.