Who is Mr Bean’s daughter?

Netizens are wowed by an Italian father-daughter duo who looks like Mr Bean

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If you happen to be a 90s child, chances are that you are quite familiar with the British comical character of Mr Bean which was played on screen by British actor Rowan Atkinson. The show may have ended years ago, but thanks to the internet, TikTok has given a chance to the Italian father-daughter duo who bear an uncanny resemblance to the show’s character, to entertain modern-day audiences.

Meet Fabiola Baglieri and Arnaldo Mangini, Mr Bean and his daughter lookalikes. 18 year old Fabiola is a resident of Rome who has impressed her social media followers with her impressive talent of emulating the wide range of comical facial expression similar to that of Mr Bean. Accompanying Fabiola is her father Arnold, who features in her TikTok videos often shared on Instagram reels.

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In one of the Instagram reels shared earlier in August 2021, Fabiola was seen in her comical avatar as he hopped onto the ‘question I get asked’ trend. She answered that it was every day that people stopped her on the streets to take pictures since she resembles Mr Bean so much. Another question Fabiola didn’t feel compelled to answer was whether she looked more like her mother or her father. On Instagram, the video has been seen over 20.6 million times.

Interestingly, Fabiola has another side to her; she described Mr Bean as her father and influencer Kylie Jenner as her mother. Fabiola’s gorgeous glow-up leaves her admirers speechless in the majority of her Instagram images. Fabiola goes from an ordinary high school geek to a prom queen in one of the Instagram videos released last month. Arnold also appears in the film as a supportive parent. The 18 year old model certainly has the knack of delivering the best of both world.